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Historic Posters

College of Engineering Trivandrum 1994-1996

I got my first PC (a 386 40Mhz) in 1994 and shortly thereafter a (Wipro-Epson Dot-matrix) printer. This obviously was reason enough to stop drawing any more posters for college occasions. The PC got damaged after I left for my job in 1996. Luckily, I still have a CD-R backup of its Hard-disc from which these GIF images are made.

Here is a cross section of the posters from 1994-1996 to tickle your memory. Have fun...

Cricket Tournament This poster commemorates the victory of Electronics over Mechs in the S5 Cricket tournament. Takes a dig on the "Royalness" of the Mechs. If I remember right, the idea for this poster comes from Jose Chandy and/or Anil Rajan (Panji)  
Class Tour It was obligatory for each tour team to make a poster to compete the other. This one happens to be from the computer Science S7 Tour. I remember that this poster got some rather crude comments from our Electronics friends ;-)  
The Parakkott Lodge tour Dennis had to be different and decided to go the S4 tour with his hostel mates. Obviously, he had to make a poster too... . I remember that the "666" was Dennis's own wonderful idea. And he sure did want the prominent brandy bottles too...  
College Day This was the poster for the 1995 College Day. And this was the design for the badge.  
College Magazine This was a draft cover design for the 1996 College Magazine with Arun George as Editor. Unfortunately, I was out of college by the time the magazine came out. So I just don't know if this was ever used.  
College Band During S5, few of us got together to form a college band. Everything was in place except a band name. We got together and practiced for a few days at Praveen Mani's and Nirmal's house. Off we went to play on an Asianet competition... and sure we had our few minutes of glory on TV ;-). I was on the keyboard playing "Walk of Life..."... Argh-Horror!. Two years later and it was time to play for Final Years day and we had no Keyboardist  
College Election An year was never complete without the College Union Elections. I made this for our Good Ol' Mammaji who stood for the election... And sure he did win :-)  
Association Nights Every branch had it's "night" and off course the puny computers also :-). This is the poster from when Binny was the Association Secretary.  
Mex Day Every other branch had a "night", but the Mex had a "day" complete with a stage and everything else. And there was even a Mex TV -- The slogan ressembles an MTV slogan of 1995. I am not to blame for these two posters, its none other than Mujib M.K  
Pre-Final Years Day The final years had a "Final Years Day". Not to be left behind, the S5 had to have a "Pre-Final Day". If I remember, this was exactly on the day Windows-95 was released (Aug-24-1995 ?)  
Jesus Youth And off course there was them...  
Film Festivals Every year we had atleast 2 film festivals. I can't even remember which group organised this one  
Campus Interview Wipro Global R&D was first on campus and selected 4 people. And off course, I did not qualify ;-). Five years later, I can't help to notice that not even one still works for that company ;-). Note the Whiskey bottle and the lettering... It rhymes with "Ganni". Coincidence, Eh? ;-)  
Its a Century Our batch was the first in the college to place more than 100 people. And off course, the CGPU (Career Guidance & Placement Unit) Representative (Jose Chandy?) had to make a "noise" about it :-)  
Final Year Project This was the opening page of the report by Ganesh, Dennis, Kichu & Thomachen. This text being by Ganesh  
Final Year Seminar That time we never had Power-point to make slides. This slide was most probably made for "Vakkil" Manoj  
Four Summers in CET This was the design for a final T-shirt. Did we ever make it? ... I don't know  

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